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XInsight for QSAN | 1.1 Central Management System

Unify your data and manage your QSAN storage from anywhere. Smarter data management with simplified platform and intelligent engine.

Download XInsight Central Management

• Connect and access from anywhere
• Support all devices
• Single sign-on

Regardless of the device, you can easily monitor and manage all your QSAN storage through a web browser. 

Anywhere / Any Devices

Without Boundary

Access anywhere

XInsight can bridge QSAN storage between different areas, and can log in from any place to achieve centralized management across borders.

Access by any devices

XInsight responsive web design allows you to get the best experience no matter what devices you are using.

Single sign-on

After setting up the XInsight Agent, the configuration of your account will be saved in the server, allowing you to continue your previous work when you bounce between devices or places.

Message / Analysis

Spacious and Insight

Single platform management

All QSAN storage can be managed through a single platform. This allows IT to easily identify the source of problems and bottlenecks. Helping you to plan for future system upgrades.

Using QSAN Unified RESTful API

Give developers the flexibility to use QSAN Unified RESTful APIs to integrate XInsight functions into the applications you use.

Master the operation of the device and analyze key information

XInsight collects detail information from each QSAN storage on the master server. You can filter the information you need, including failures, system errors, and more. Use these messages to get a quicker understanding of your current storage operation and resolve issues.

Action / Suggestion


Intelligent storage management, reduce repetitive tasks

You can get completed data and filter important information by XInsight, helping you quickly grasp the system status and reduce routine repetitive tasks.

Data analysis and planning for optimal configuration

XInsight provides the key data and analyze all information. Helping you optimize system to cope with various heavy tasks.

Increase the value of IT

XInsight shortens the time spent on daily maintenance operations and greatly simplifies the management of storage devices. XInsight allows IT to focus on more valuable works.

Data Security

XInsight will set up a server on your computer, collecting the storage information through the internal network and provide information to external network. Therefore, you can check your device information via XInsight from anywhere, while avoiding the storage being exposed to the public network. With XInsight you can escape from any hacking attacks, and have a safer work experience.