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XEVO - All-Flash Array Management System

All-Flash Array Management System


Performance Analysis

 QReport as far back as 1 year eases the effort of IT managers by exporting a report to analyze the storage usage. At the same time, allows IT generalists to make a better resource arrangement faster than ever and easier.



Intuitive UI Operations

Multiple backup solutions give you more choices to protect your data. By auto replication, you can easily deploy the remote replication without doing configurations. Through local-to-remote, you can transfer your local backup to remote sites without doing full copy. This technology gives you multiple ways to protect your digital assets safely.

Replication Easily Without Configurations

• Login remote system through management port, and done.

Efficient Remote Backup

• Transfer your local backup to remote sites without redoing full copy, then plug and play.


Grouping Operation

Grouping What You Want

Grouping batch operation such as connect to server, modify, or backup.Grouping what you want, such as volumes, hosts, to decrease your loading of manage tones of different devices connections or backups. Grouping batch operation can help you save tones of time to manage your storage and prevent accidental damages caused by human negligence.