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Andromeda3 Relies on JetStor® Storage Solutions to Deliver Innovative & Secure Hybrid Clouds


Public clouds offer scalability and economy, and running enterprise applications on them can make sense. But keeping data on them, particularly sensitive customer information, is another matter thanks to corporate compliance and privacy regulations that require firms to maintain control over their data. Control can be challenging when data are kept in public clouds rather than the dedicated networks of private clouds.

Cloud provider Andomeda3, based in Ashburn, Virginia, offers NovusCloud, an innovative hybrid cloud solution that integrates the best attributes of public and private clouds. Architected from the data layer up, NovusCloud allows businesses to keep their applications on public clouds and their high-value data in Andomeda3’s private cloud where they have greater control and security. Customers can also store data from their own data centers on Andomeda3’s private cloud for further protection and then replicate the data to Andomeda3’s facilities for disaster recovery (DR).


To ensure the safety and availability of its customers’ data, however, the firm required robust storage systems for its private cloud. “Our storage must exchange data with applications in public clouds without latency,” said David McLaughlin, chief executive officer of Andromeda3. “Just as importantly, any solution had to be extremely reliable. Businesses will not tolerate downtime.”

Additionally, a non-profit customer supporting U.S. veterans wanted to keep its data in its own data center. For such customers, Andromeda3 required storage that is easy-to-use and manage.

“To be competitive and offer stronger safeguards, regardless if data resides in our data center or a customer’s, our storage systems must offer the same value proposition as public clouds,” said McLaughlin. “They have to be economical, dependable, and simple to operate.”

In seeking solutions, McLaughlin learned that U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide rely on JetStor® storage systems to store State Department data. “This grabbed our attention,” McLaughlin said. “The State Department’s use of JetStor platforms was a compelling use case for us.”


• Two JetStor 816iXD 16-bay Storage Systems from AC&NC

• Two JetStor NAS 1200S 12G 12-bay Unified Storage Systems

• Cisco switches


Andromeda3 promises its customers a hybrid cloud that offers low costs, 99.9% uptime, “fortress-level” security, and scalability. Anchored by JetStor storage solutions, NovusCloud delivers on these promises. 

Customers deploy the NovusCloud portal to access applications on popular public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using dedicated links, the applications point to the private cloud in Andromeda3’s data center where customers’ data reside on a pair of JetStor 816iXD storage solutions. They feature high-speed functionality like dual active controllers and 12Gb SAS 3.0 technology to help ensure databases and other transactional applications rapidly access data.

Thanks to the JetStor 816iXD storage devices, NovusCloud’s private cloud offers not only a strong measure of protection, but it also offers the scalability to keep pace with public clouds. The two JetStor 816iXD chassis provide nearly 60TB of storage, and with JBODs, can scale to well over half a petabyte.

“The JetStor 816iXD solutions are more cost-effective than our legacy storage products,” said McLaughlin. “Moreover, they’re rock-solid reliable and easy to manage, reducing operating expenses.”

To bolster its cloud storage, Andromeda3 relies on a JetStor NAS 1200S 12-bay Unified Storage System at its data center for another 120 TB of capacity. The JetStor 1200S solution serves as an automated backup/DR repository for customers throughout the NovusCloud. Andromeda3 also installed a similar JetStor NAS 1200S platform in the data center of its non-profit customer. The solution allows the organization to keep its active data local while using the NovusCloud private network to back up video and other files to the companion JetStor platform at Andromeda3’s data center. 

“The JetStor NAS 1200S platform at our non-profit’s data center gave the customer the control over its data it demanded while also containing its costs,” explained McLaughlin. “Our JetStor storage systems have proven to be enablers of our data-driven approach to clouds. By supporting high-speed storage to support applications in public clouds, they’re core components of our competitive advantage.”


Andromeda3 provisioned the 16 bays in each 3U JetStor 816iXD chassis with 1.8TB SAS drives and connected them to Cisco switches with 10Gb/sec Ethernet links. The switches, in turn, connect to AWS using AWS Direct Connect VLANs for both performance and security, as well as to Microsoft Azure and other leading public clouds. The 2U JetStor NAS 1200S 12-bay Unified Storage System is equipped with 10TB drives and links to the switches. For secure data replication, VPNs connect the second JetStor 1200S platform at its customer’s data center to Andromeda3’s on-premise device. 

The solutions are configured to RAID 5, providing data protection should a drive fail. Moreover, the JetStor storage systems proved straightforward to set up, and administrators use web browsers to easily manage them, even when offsite. “The 24/7 reliability and simple management of our JetStor solutions contribute to their very competitive cost of ownership,” McLaughlin added.


Andromeda3’s data-driven, hybrid cloud seamlessly integrates its private cloud with public clouds, offering speed, security, and, thanks to JetStor solutions, very robust storage. “Our business model of enabling firms to keep their applications on public clouds while storing their data on a private cloud depends on reliable, high-performance storage,” said McLaughlin. “JetStor systems empower the services that comprise our competitive advantage.”

Andromeda3’s automated and orchestrated hybrid cloud built with JetStor platforms delivers the safeguards and seamless movement of applications between public and private clouds that enterprises today demand. Additionally, the JetStor systems are a solid, long-term investment that will scale as Andromeda3’s business grows.

“Our customers entrust their data to NovusCloud and we, in turn, entrust their data, and our business, to JetStor storage systems,” concluded McLaughlin. “It’s a win-win for everybody.”


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