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Media & Entertainment Storage Software - RAIDIX M&E

RAIDIX M&E storage software solution is specifically designed to meet challenging Media and Entertainment industry requirements for heavy data workloads.

Tailored for:

  • Building high-performance storage systems
  • Various video application and multimedia use

Locate all the Footage on a Single Storage

RAIDIX imposes no restrictions on LUN size: the storage capacity is limited by the size of the RAID-array. It only takes a couple of clicks to create a ready-to-use unified-capacity storage system. This feature allows storing many hours of footage shot during production in one place for efficient post-production works.

Take Full Advantage of Your Camcorders

The high sustainable performance of the RAIDIX-powered storage and the support of the iSCSI, InfiniBand and FibreChannel interfaces provide smooth Full HD, 2K, and 4K footage when ingesting. There is no frame loss which thusly secures superior media quality for editing.

QoSmic - Deploy 4K Workflow

The QoSmic add-on to the RAIDIX-powered storage defines the quality of your service by automatically adjusting bandwidth according to the importance of the applications currently running on the client. Self-learning storage detects the business’ critical tasks and allocates resources accordingly to ensure continuity and maximized performance within the business.  

  • Read more about QoSmic here


RAID N+M is the level of interleaving blocks with M checksums, based on proprietary RAIDIX mathematical algorithms. RAID N+M allows the user to choose the number of disks for checksums allocation. RAID N+M requires at least 8 drives and can sustain a complete failure of up to 32 drives in the same group (depending on the number of parity drives). By selecting different parity numbers, the user can set a proper balance between the performance and data protection level, depending on how critical the data is and what performance requirements are. 

Cut Post Production Infrastructure Costs

RAIDIX software allows you to set up a heterogeneous network with a simultaneous direct connection of up to 32 users via Fibre Channel, InfiniBand or iSCSI. This function optimizes the infrastructure according to storage-related tasks and reduces the number of additional equipment to secure cost-efficiency.

No Special Training is Required

Clear guidelines and installation wizards make the system easy to install and configure. The AutoRebuild feature enables the automatic rebuild of the array in case of a disc replacement. RAIDIX also offers a simple plug-n-play option to connect additional disk shelves.

Optimal Levels of Speed and Security

Software-implemented RAID 7.3 offers great data transfer speed rate with no compromise in media security: triple parity will keep the data available even if 3 disks fail. Silent Data Corruption prevention, detection, and repair functionality significantly decrease the probability of data loss during RAID reconstruction.

Broadcast with Confidence

The Partial Reconstruction feature accelerates the system’s rebuild time whereas Fast Data Recovery secures a high level of storage productivity during the rebuild — even in Degraded Mode. 

Not a Single Frame is Dropped

Handle many projects, streams, and formats with ultimate bandwidth guaranteed throughput means never dropping a frame even with the many concurrent flows of Full HD, 2K, 3D or 4K.

Optimized Storage Usable Capacity

RAIDIX software allows the company to keep the storage hardware overheads at a level of 6-7% thus leaving maximum storage capacity available for content and proving to be the lowest price-to-performance ratio. 

Full Name

Tech Specs Advanced Features

Storage powered by RAIDIX software sets a benchmark for any storage solution. 

 6 core business-critical differentials

Top Productivity Storage

  • Workflow aware

  • Performance penalty-free

  • Automatic app-optimized QoS

  • Anticipates future workflows

  • Оptimized for sequential data-intensive flow

Unified Storage

  • Support of FibreChannel, iSCSI, and InfiniBand interfaces
  • Simultaneous NAS and SAN access
  • All-in-one box, plug-n-play

Admirable TCO

  • No special tech training needed
  • Hassle-free component delivery
  • Easy system upgrades and wide compatibility

99 999 Storage Uptime & Availability

  • Triple parity RAID guarantees sustainable performance even if 3 disk drives fail

  • Active/Active dual controller architecture

  • Silent data corruption detection and correction


  • Full-featured clustering support
  • Simple and inexpensive IT infrastructure


  • Intuitive management system
  • User fine-tuning able to maximize storage productivity
  • Email notifications automatically sent to storage administrators for easy maintenance