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RAIDIX Healthcare storage software provides functionality to ensure data integrity, to allow instant healthcare provider access, and to support interoperability with DICOM and non-DICOM medical IT systems. RAIDIX medical data storage is used in hospitals and clinics as a stand-alone product or as a component of HIS/RIS/PACS or VNA solutions.

Doctors and patients are increasingly relying on large amounts of stored medical data. In order to make important medical decisions, this information needs to be rapidly accessible. Additionally, the healthcare industry requires storage solutions that adhere to regulatory data retention requirements, demanding records be easily available for extended periods of time.

Drive Full Utilization of Medical Technology

Accommodate huge amounts of patient data in one place: medical images, angiograph videos and endoscopy footage generated during research are no longer split across countless computers and servers. RAIDIX storage software provides a full clinical repository for all departments, supporting all image and data types.

The highly performing RAIDIX-powered storage supports iSCSl, InfiniBand and Fibre Channel interfaces which enable smooth online demonstration capabilities. Raidix imposes no restrictions on LUN size: the storage capacity is limited by the size of the RAID-array. It only takes a couple of clicks to create a ready-to-use unified-capacity storage system. This feature allows large amounts of medical data to be efficiently stored in one place.

Optimized Decision Making Capabilities

Use point-of-care decision support to leverage actionable information in the hospital. Proactively build effective data sharing with patients, physicians, researchers, educators, external vendors, and partners into your data strategy.

RAIDIX software allows you to set up a heterogeneous network with a simultaneous direct connection of up to 32 users via Fibre Channel, InfiniBand or iSCSI. This function optimizes the infrastructure according to storage-related tasks while reducing the amount of additional equipment to maximize cost-efficiency.

Great Patient Care

Data retrieval speeds impact care delivery, improving patient outcomes. Information must be accessible with high velocity in real time. RAIDIX fully meets the requirements for vendor-neutral long-term clinical archiving by ensuring high availability, business continuity, and security, while adhering to privacy regulations.

It uses write once, read many (WORM) storage technology and a variety of policies to ensure the integrity of archived data. The Partial Reconstruction feature accelerates the system’s rebuild time, whereas Fast Data Recovery secures a high level of storage productivity during the rebuild — even in degraded mode.


RAID N+M is the level of interleaving blocks with M checksums, based on proprietary RAIDIX mathematical algorithms. RAID N+M allows the user to choose the number of disks for checksums allocation. RAID N+M requires at least 8 drives and can sustain a complete failure of up to 32 drives in the same group (depending on the number of parity drives). By selecting different parity numbers, the user can set a proper balance between the performance and data protection level, depending on how critical the data is and what performance requirements are. 

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Tech Specs Advanced Features

Storage powered by RAIDIX software sets a benchmark for any storage solution. 

 6 core business-critical differentials

Top Productivity Storage

  • Workflow aware

  • Performance penalty-free

  • Automatic app-optimized QoS

  • Anticipates future workflows

  • Оptimized for sequential data-intensive flow

Unified Storage

  • Support of FibreChannel, iSCSI, and InfiniBand interfaces

  • Simultaneous NAS and SAN access

  • All-in-one box, plug-n-play

Admirable TCO

  • No special tech training needed

  • Hassle-free component delivery

  • Easy system upgrades and wide compatibility

99 999 Storage Uptime & Availability

  • Triple parity RAID guarantees sustainable performance even if 3 disk drives fail

  • Active/Active dual controller architecture

  • Silent data corruption detection and correction


  • Full-featured clustering support

  • Simple and inexpensive IT infrastructure


  • Intuitive management system

  • User fine-tuning able to maximize storage productivity

  • Email notifications automatically sent to storage administrators for easy maintenance