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High Performance Computing Storage Software - RAIDIX HPC

RAIDIX HPC software serves as a key component for a cluster system building-block or independent HPC storage to address the requirements of supercomputing and related industries that involve massive throughput and IOPS calculations.

RAIDIX answers the data availability and integrity demands of heavy HPC environments by providing optimized operation of resource exhaustive applications and continuity of calculation processes.  RAIDIX HPC software offers increased flexibility for seamless integration into existing infrastructure, accessible fine-tuning operability, and adaptability to the needs of individual research projects.


RAID N+M is the level of interleaving blocks with M checksums, based on proprietary RAIDIX mathematical algorithms. RAID N+M allows the user to choose the number of disks for checksums allocation. RAID N+M requires at least 8 drives and can sustain a complete failure of up to 32 drives in the same group (depending on the number of parity drives). By selecting different parity numbers, the user can set a proper balance between the performance and data protection level, depending on how critical the data is and what performance requirements are. 

Designed for Data Intensive Workloads

  • Satisfies the requirements of today’s most resource hungry applications
  • 100% ready to perform the tasks of tomorrow

Classical Modular Architecture Storage

  • Sustainable performance of 70–80 GB/s in a 42U rack and reduced latency
  • Allows building high-performance scalable solutions using industry standard parallel file systems
  • Record rates of Gbps/$ and IOps/$
  • Compatible with the most up-to-date hardware, providing maximum storage density and minimum power consumption
  • Based on standard x86_64 hardware architecture
  • RAIDIX HPC is designed to maximize utilization of existing equipment. All calculations and IO are fully parallelized

High Performance RAID 7.3

Patented RAIDIX technologies.

  • The most productive in the industry
    • Coding and recovery rate achieves 25 GB/s per storage server core
    • Performance scales linearly with each added core
  • Recovery performance allows maintaining the required level of throughput in case of failure of any 3 drives
  • Sustains a failure of up to 3 drives in any position of the group, the size of which can be up to 64 drives
  • Fault tolerant to any type of failure:
    • Failure of hard drives
    • Failure of disk enclosure
    • Latent sector error
    • Human factor
  • Data loss probability is 10 000% lower with RAID 7.3 compared to RAID 6
  • Maximum Distance Separable (MDS) codes are used, meaning the maximum usable capacity

Silent Data Corruption Detection and Correction 

  • RAIDIX unique technology allows detection and correction of silent data corruption
  • No additional redundancy
  • All calculations are performed in one cycle, increasing performance
  • Works with any type of drive
  • Detection and correction of soft errors is possible even in case of drives failure and in recovery mode

Advanced Reconstruction Technology

Both HDDs and SSDs cannot provide guaranteed performance throughout their lifetime. RAIDIX AR provides a guaranteed performance of the disk array with up to 3 lagging drives. Rapid reconstruction of the minimum read data does not require a response from all drives.

Partial Reconstruction

  • RAIDIX monitors each 1/2048th of the hard drive and reconstructs only changed data
  • Dramatically reduces the reconstruction time
  • Allows to change the priority of reconstruction on the fly
  • Ideal solution for the enclosures when hard drives cannot be pulled out independently

Huge Cache Indeed!

RAIDIX allows the use of up to several terabytes of cache memory.

  • Perfect for working with several heavy data streams that can tolerate only millisecond delays
  • Cache architecture is purposely designed to achieve maximum performance for HPC tasks
  • Cache can be fine-tuned for each specific case
  • Cache can be protected against power failure by SPS modules integrated into the final product solution
  • RAIDIX cache algorithms provide maximum performance due to big cache hit and maximum utilization of resources


  • RAIDIX HPC guarantees a certain level of performance for specific tasks by assigning priority to particular clients
  • Flexible adjustment of parameters for prioritized clients: Bandwidth, IOps, available cache
  • Unique RAIDIX QoSmic: automated adjustment of priority on the fly according to the detected workload
  • Read more about QoSmic here

Active-Active HA Cluster in Only 3 Clicks

  • RAIDIX HA — no SPOF solution
  • Two controllers operate a single pool of drives
  • Proprietary cluster manager designed to meet the requirements of storing data, tailored to sustain all types of failures and changes of system configuration
  • High performing internal interfaces are used for cache coherency
    • RAIDIX HPC allows multipathing of several interfaces, therefore interconnection doesn’t become a bottleneck

Full Name

Tech Specs Advanced Features

Storage powered by RAIDIX software sets a benchmark for any storage solution. 

 6 core business-critical differentials

Top Productivity Storage

  • Workflow aware

  • Performance penalty-free

  • Automatic app-optimized QoS

  • Anticipates future workflows

  • Оptimized for sequential data-intensive flow

Unified Storage

  • Support of FibreChannel, iSCSI, and InfiniBand interfaces

  • Simultaneous NAS and SAN access

  • All-in-one box, plug-n-play

Admirable TCO
  • No special tech training needed

  • Hassle-free component delivery

  • Easy system upgrades and wide compatibility

99 999 Storage Uptime & Availability

  • Triple parity RAID guarantees sustainable performance even if 3 disk drives fail

  • Active/Active dual controller architecture

  • Silent data corruption detection and correction


  • Full-featured clustering support

  • Simple and inexpensive IT infrastructure


  • Intuitive management system

  • User fine-tuning able to maximize storage productivity

  • Email notifications automatically sent to storage administrators for easy maintenance