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Private Cloud Vendor for NonProfits Upgrades to JetStor® All-Flash Arrays for Faster Primary & Backup Storage of Customer Data

StratusLIVE offers nonprofit organizations tools to meet their missions. Customers like The Epilepsy Foundation and many large United Ways use the firm’s StratusLIVE 365 suite of business applications to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the solution is a client relationship management platform that empowers nonprofits to manage fundraising, constituents, marketing, and engagement. Founded in 2008, StratusLIVE is based in Virginia Beach, VA.

By upgrading to a JetStor All-Flash 826iXD storage platform, StratusLIVE enhanced the performance of its SQL databases, delivering the responsiveness that customers demand. The firm also replicates data more quickly, improving its nightly backup windows. “We were pushing the limits of our legacy systems and knew it was time to upgrade from spinning disks to all flash,” said LeMay. “AC&NC made high-throughput storage affordable for us.”

StratusLIVE also gained flexible capacity to support future growth by linking the JetStor 826iXD system to a JetStor 826JXD All Flash JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks). The JetStor 826JXD JBOD ensures the firm’s storage needs will be met well into the future by offering nearly a hundred terabytes of additional capacity.

To accelerate backups, the company installed a JetStor 812iXD Array with 4 Tb spinning disks. “Our JetStor 826 solutions enabled us to convert our legacy storage to backup locations, and the JetStor 812iXD will allow us to retire them entirely,” said LeMay. “We’re migrating 20 terabytes from our legacy systems to the JetStor 812iXD without impacting our operations.”


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