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Phone and Data Services Provider Deploys All-Flash JetStor® Arrays for Availability and Analytics

Atlantech Online enables businesses to communicate with their customers and each other, and local and states governments to serve citizens. Founded in 1995, the Silver Spring, MD-based public utility provides telephony, high-speed Internet and data connectivity services, website and managed server hosting, and collocation data-center services. Relying on an 800 Gigabit per second fiber backbone, the enterprise prides itself on the high-availability of its many services, achieving this goal, in part, by operating a redundant second datacenter in Rockville, MD.

Atlantech met its needs by deploying two JetStor All-Flash 826iXD storage arrays, one at each datacenter. The flash drives in the platforms provide greater throughput over the enterprise’s legacy spinning disks, resulting in better and more consistent performance. Latency dropped from 18–20 milliseconds on average on the spindles to sub-five milliseconds on the JetStor All-Flash platforms.

“We now can handle large volumes of requests and data more consistently,” said Chou. “Additionally, our applications are more responsive as wait times are much reduced. There’s simply no comparison between our legacy spinning disks and our flash drives.”

As an added benefit, JetStor All Flash arrays reduce energy consumption and produce less heat than traditional storage systems, improving efficiencies and lowering costs.


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