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Science Group Safeguards Environmental Research Data with JetStor

Since its creation in 1949, the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) at Columbia University’s Earth Institute has been a leader in Earth science. Its mission is to gain “knowledge about the origin, evolution and future of the natural world.” Located along the Hudson River just north of Manhattan, LDEO’s scientists were the first to map the seafloor; develop a computer model that could predict an El Niño weather event; prove the theory of plate tectonics; and reveal the oceans’ role in triggering climate change. 

LDEO is addressing its burgeoning datasets with JetStor SAS 716FD storage arrays from AC&NC. LDEO has long stored research data on JetStor RAID storage systems. The JetStor 716FD solutions greatly expand LDEO’s storage strategy. To ensure the safety of every dataset, LDEO maintains two matching clusters of JetStor RAID chassis, each in separate buildings on its campus. All data are replicated across the two clusters. Each cluster had consisted of five JetStor arrays, but the introduction of the JetStor 716FD systems increases both their capacity and performance.

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