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Burbank Police Dept. Replaces Analog Media with JetStor RAID Arrays

Video surveillance is a boon to police departments and other government agencies, but the video often needs to be preserved as potential evidence for investigations. For users of analog systems, this means recording video on bulky tapes, a challenge for the police department of Burbank, CA, the “media capital of the world.” 

The Burbank Police Department has been using analog cameras to safeguard its headquarters, requiring staff to replace videocassettes every eight hours as they became filled and then to store the tapes. Storage was time-consuming, labor-intensive, and inefficient, but replacing the entire analog system with an IP solution was too costly.

Learn how the Burbank Police Department deployed an IP video storage solution with JetStor RAID Arrays that supports its analog cameras and all but automates the archiving of video footage.

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