New StorTrends 3600i All-Flash Storage Array


AC&NC is pleased to announce that it is a value-added dealer for the terrific, new StorTrends 3600i all-flash storage array. The 16-bay solution uniquely leverages the strengths of solid-state drives (SSDs) by utilizing drives optimized for write I/O on a write tier and drives optimized for read I/O on a read tier. The result is maximum performance, even by ultra-fast SSD standards, for the most demanding applications, as well as far longer drive life than other all-flash arrays.

You can tailor each 3600i array for your specific environment. StorTrends offers a free performance analysis tool that gathers metrics across your IT infrastructure, such as IOPS, throughput, capacity memory, CPU usage, and projected capacity growth. With this information, you can obtain a 3600i solution that precisely meets your IT and business needs.

Even better, the StorTrends 3600i array is affordable, being priced for small and medium-sized organizations.

Adding to its compelling value, the solution offers such enterprise-class functionality as: state-of-the-art inline deduplication and compression with ratios up to 35:1; advanced snapshots; WAN optimization for unmatched replication speeds; automated tiering; encryption options; thin and exact provisioning; zero downtime maintenance; and more.

Call or email at our Sales Department at 1-800-213-2667, Ext. 122 for pricing and configuration information.