Flash Hybrid Storage

IT departments are struggling to keep up with the massive growth in data as well as the complexity in the types of data stored. From digital text files, to videos to machine-generated data, a storage solution has to be able to handle not just the volume, but the variety of data. With all of that data, inevitably there becomes the IO (input/output) bottleneck.

Flash technology is the most widely accepted solution for addressing the IO bottleneck, but even Flash arrays differ greatly. Depending on your business needs, investing in server-side flash or all-flash arrays can be justifiable, but is generally at a much steeper price.

That’s where the hybrid flash storage solution comes into play. For businesses looking for low latency, high IOPs performance, and high storage capacity, a hybrid flash fits the bill. The top advantages of a hybrid-flash solution include:

1. Cost

2. Performance

3. Reliability and error reduction

4. Data protection

5. Scalability

Hybrid flash arrays benefit many environments by balancing performance and capacity needs at a lower cost than most all-flash systems.  Learn more about AC&NC’s Flash Hybrid solutions for your business.