Storage Solutions

JetStor offers a vast array of storage solutions for many industries. Whether you are a filming studio or a SaaS Provider, JetStore can work with you to develop an economical server configuration to suit your needs.

[case study] Flash Storage – SSDs to a Broad Audience

JetStor® storage arrays offer  real-world solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), large enterprises, state and local governments, schools  and universities, and military units. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Advanced Computer and Network Corp (AC&NC)—which designs  and manufactures the JetStor product line—offers a portfolio of self-contained storage solutions that are built  on industry-standard platforms and major […]


[case study] Penn State’s ANGEL Learning Management Suite Test Site

Mission-critical applications change with updates, patches, and new functionality. Yet, placing modified apps into production environments without rigorous testing runs the risk of systemic malfunctions that can undermine an enterprise’s mission.

Penn State, one of the nation’s leading public universities, was determined to avoid such risks. The university needed to load test changes and updates to its flagship course management system by simulating thousands of users in a test environment.

Read more about how Penn State effectively tests this key application before releasing it into production with the use of JetStor RAID Arrays.

Penn State Supports Critical Course Platform with JetStor® RAID Arrays


[case study] Telecom Data Storage – Economical Server Storage

Consolidated Communications must store a wide range of data at its data centers. These data, unstructured and structured, run a gamut of use cases. Despite its challenging storage needs, Consolidated wanted to avoid the costs and complexity of traditional storage area networks (SANs). Instead, it deployed SANsymphony-V from DataCore, a software solution that utilizes an […]


[case study] Virtualization – Server Consolidation

Server virtualization reduces data-center costs and overhead, but not without demands. When a physical server houses multiple virtual servers, much more data streams from the device, requiring very fast storage solutions. The Elliott Company, a leading manufacturer of advanced industrial turbomachinery, consolidated its servers to efficiently deliver such applications as financials, HR, payroll, and sophisticated […]


[case study] HD 3D Film Production Data Storage

THE ORGANIZATION Evergreen Studios is a visionary production company that finances and develops premium content, and builds narrative worlds for theatrical, television, comics, web, mobile and video game platforms. The Los Angeles-based company is best known for its unique development skills, proprietary technical offerings and utilization of emerging technologies to advance its production process and […]


[case study] Data Crunching Servers – Duke Physics Department

Scientific research can produce huge volumes of data for analysis, a fact the Physics Department at Duke University knows well. Each of the department’s 12-plus research groups exploring nuclear physics, particle physics, and other exotic fields generates a terabyte of data every month. To meet the storage challenge this data presented, the research groups used […]