Internet of Things (IoT)

The Voracious Appetites of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Like the Internet of Things, machine learning (ML) and its more august sibling, artificial intelligence (AI), are upon us. The former is impacting business and IT operations, and the latter will impact nearly all of society. When most of us think of them, we envision incomprehensible algorithms and the brawny CPUs and GPUs all but […]


Surviving the IoT Flood

Last month’s blog addressed edge computing and how it supports the Internet of Things.  Now, let’s look a bit further into the storage demands of IoT. IoT storage can’t possibly be covered in a blog, but here are some thoughts. We’ve all been introduced to an IoT-embellished future. Smart homes, buildings, cities, and cars. Industrial, […]


Edge Computing—Bringing Value to IoT

There are already many billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the business, consumer, civic, science, and industrial sectors. They’re scattered across the planet in assembly lines, vehicles, hospitals, cities, homes, environments, and even our clothing. They continuously generate vast amounts of data and their numbers will proliferate almost exponentially. Edge computing exists to […]