The “New Normal” Demands Storage that’s Affordable and Reliable

Much has been said about today’s “new normal.” Life and commerce are certainly disrupted, but not everything has changed. Data continue to be generated every day and are still foundational to business success. Even in these times, there’s a lot more data today than there were yesterday. That will never change. And as in the “old normal,” this information must be stored and processed.

Thus, it should be no surprise that amid economic uncertainty, more and more small and mid-sized enterprises are eschewing costly storage platforms from big-name vendors in favor of systems that have proven to get the job done economically and easily. Today’s business environment all but necessitates affordable & reliable data storage. When their vendors also offer flexible payment options, these systems present a compelling value proposition.

It makes sense to economize with robust solutions that work quickly and simply. Such systems impose no compromises. They’re available in all capacities and some can easily scale to petabyte size. When light-speed performance is needed for applications like VDI or virtual machines, there are all-flash platforms that are very competitively priced against big-vendor systems. For greater economy, hybrid arrays offer a flash tier for high-speed processing and a less-costly spinning-disk tier for backup. For further savings, such solutions can reduce ownership costs by being easy to install and manage.

These are uncertain times and no one knows what the next “normal” will look like. But what is certain is that both today and tomorrow, organizations need to shrewdly maximize their storage budgets. This is why so many are turning to high-value solutions from smaller, more flexible vendors. They realize that “new normal” demands nothing less than such practicality.