All-Flash Storage Promises a Go-To Strategy for MSPs

Managed service providers (MSPs) need to offer fast, affordable storage. Storage is a perennial concern for enterprises of all sizes, and many are considering offloading their storage to reduce costs and headaches. But to win storage business, MSPs face formidable players like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. To compete, they must offer high-value, cost-effective solutions.

To this end, forward-thinking MSPs should consider all-flash storage solutions, which are positioned to furnish the performance, scalability, and availability that enterprises demand. The capital costs of flash storage are still greater than spinning disk, but its price per gigabyte continues to drop and it’s a matter of time before it achieves parity with the legacy technology.

Flash storage platforms can trim operating costs. They consume less power than their mechanical-drive counterparts and require less space, providing substantial cost-savings every month.

Flash also offers much greater IOPS than spinning disks and this performance gap will only widen with the adoption of NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express) drives. NVMe eliminates the bottlenecks caused by storage subsystems engineered for slower spinning disks. Additionally, flash is getting denser all the time, which boosts scalability and further conserves space. Finally, the use of technologies like dual controllers and virtualization strategies will help ensure flash storage-systems offer the levels of availability that the large cloud providers tout.

Increasingly, all-flash storage solutions present MSPs the advantages and economies to compete against AWS and the other behemoth cloud repositories. Check out our all-flash array or AFA devices today.