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Cloud storage is making its way to everyone who uses the internet. This backup storage utilizes the most modern means of storing your files. This type of cloud storage is accessed through a web-based interface wherein you can readily access your files anytime, anywhere. Storage virtualization can be both an advantage and disadvantage. When you use virtual storage, you are cutting off additional expenses. There is no need to buy another hard drive to contain your new data. There is no need to build a new server room or hire personnel to maintain and look after your files.

When your store your data virtually, you don’t have to worry about lost files whenever your hard drive crashes. Cloud storage backs up all your files, with no down-time guarantee.  One of the biggest apprehensions, however, is the security when you use virtualized storage. Backup storage though cloud storage, might put all your data the hands of the hackers. Virtual storage is an abundant source of information to hackers. To directly address this security concern, service providers have strengthened their security with tight encryptions using 24-bit SSL and fire wall systems, securing your data 24/7, all year round.

Another concern that most internet users are asking is the sustainability of cloud storage. What if your service providers cease its operation, what will happen to your files? In cases such as this, your present service provider may sell their company to a stable provider, in which you can still have access to your file.

While you may enjoy limitless unified storage or shared storage, it is crucial to know the service provider first before you sign up. Go to established companies to avoid any problems that may result to lost data due to bankruptcy or any take over. Overall, cloud stage is cost efficient and safe; all you need to do is to choose the best service provider for cloud storage that is financially stable.

Back up Storage – Saving You and Your Work!

The cardinal rule when using a computer is to save. Hitting the control plus “s” button is a must every time you encode and update your file. It is therefore, important to have a reliable backup storage to store all your data. Our computer is built with a dependable hard drive that can contain as much data as it can. Alternatively, you there are external hard drives that you can store your data, in cases where in the hard drive in your PC are already full.

Most internet files today utilized virtualized storage. An example of which is cloud storage. This is the latest data-storage platform that most internet users are using. When you backup your files virtually, there is no need for you to buy additional hard drive for your file storage. Storing your data virtually is cost efficient depending on the full capacity of your file.

Looking for a virtualized backup storage, such as cloud, is not a problem. There are a lot of providers that are offering free back up storage up to certain capacity. When you avail of storage virtualization, this does not mean that your files are not safe. Virtual storage providers are securing all the data files in their system through secure servers. Their servers are electronically secure and maintained by team of systems administrators.

Virtual storage offers safe and convenient means back up storage. You can access your files anywhere you want to have it.  There is no need to maintain an off-site backup system, wherein you need to spend on the server maintenance, salary of your technical team and all other related cost. Nonetheless, regardless of what storage system you use, whether a virtual or on-site server, the most important part that you need to remember is to safeguard your files all the time and that is through backup storage.

Cloud Storage – Using it for your Company’s benefit

The buzz word today is cloud storage. Anywhere you go; you can hear almost everyone mentioning it, whether to backup storage is for computer data or mobile phone information. This online storage allows you to store your data for free for life.

The need to backup your data is imperative; you just don’t want to wake up one day empty-handed and lost. Computer hard drives or your computer storage can only last for a couple of years before it shuts down. The moment your hard drive start to malfunction; all your hard work, precious photos, videos, files, etc. will vanish.

Luckily, these days, with the advent of modern technology, you can now enjoy virtualized storage, and that can be either through shared storage, or you can subscribe or avail of free cloud storage. Undoubtedly, of you have your own backup system, all your data are secured and well protected, no matter what happen to your computer’s hard drive.

Cloud storage simply means internet storage, where you can store your files online. It is for free. There are a lot of service providers that are offering this serve for free, wherever you may be. Once advantage when your files are stored in this platform is that you can access it practically everywhere. You might be asking about the security feature of this virtualized storage.

How safe is cloud storage? All service providers, whether paid or not are placing file security at the top-most priority. Aside from the firewall, it has 24-bit SSL encryption.  Likewise, service providers also have human security intervention, wherein their administration conducts frequent server monitoring, just to safeguard everything that is stored to their servers. When you factor in everything, you can expect a full security feature when you backup your files through cloud storage.