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QSM 3.2: Faster & More Reliable NAS Storage Management


A Faster and More Reliable NAS Storage Management System

The Most Reliable Enterprise Storage Solution

QSAN Storage Manager QSM is a NAS operation system specially designed for QSAN XCubeNAS series. The core of QSM is Linux kernel and in-house fine-tuning 128-bit ZFS. The ZFS has high scalability and can be managed easily, also with the ability to maintain the data integrity. QSM not only inherits the amazing native features of ZFS, its powerful storage features ensure persistent, reliable storage management, protection against data corruption, seamless capacity expansion, several data integrity mechanisms, pool and disk encryption protection, unlimited snapshots, and unlimited clones.


All New QSM

Faster and More Reliable QSM

QSAN always pays attention to storage device users and continues to improve its performance and efficiency. The new version of QSM makes XCubeNAS more trustworthy.


Accurate System Resource Control

Utilize Your Resources Even Better

QSM 3.2 better utilizes the system resource and significantly lower memory usage under the same workload. Guarantees consistent performance and stability even under heavy workload.


Amazing Improvement

Faster Large File Handling Speed

QSM 3.2 enhanced the algorithm for large file handling and significantly improve the performance on high-end system. Deleting a large file is 300% faster now.  


Shorter Reconstruction

Accelerated Rebuild Performance

Pool rebuilding is urgent and need to be done without wasting time. QSM 3.2 shorten the rebuild time by 180%. Bring the system back to normal status with the lowest exposure to risk for important data.


Stunning Performance

Faster Backup and Synchronization Speed

QSM 3.2 greatly improves Rsync and XMirror transmission speed.​ Data synchronization speed is 150% faster. With a refined software design, QSM 3.2 completes file synchronization in a shorter period of time for massive number of files or large size files.​


RESTful API Support

Your Storage, Your Call

QSM 3.2 provide the standard RESTFUL API. XCubeNAS can be deployed into the IT management system using RESTFUL API and let IT managers continuous use the existing management tool, even the first-time user can finish the management job confidently, which considerably reduce the learning cost for organizations.


The New RAID Z3

The Most Safety RAID Level

• Ultralize system reliabilty for giant storage

• 1.5x safety than RAID 6


Snapshot Replication

Powerful Centralized Data Management

Speedy Multi-protection and flexible replications for different structures.



Flexible Protection

Snapshots record the status of Shared folders and iSCSI LUNs as changes happened on write. With ZFS snapshots, its read-only, point to time copy of a file system. By the instantaneous creations, administrators can easily take control data version and execute point-in-time recovery on XCubeNAS by flexibly restored methods. ZFS snapshots are ideal for storing many private copies of mostly shared data.




Backup Data to Cloud

Multiple Cloud Services

What if you dont have a remote server or NAS to back up your data to? Never fear!! Cloud backup ensures that you can backup your data to multiple cloud services such as, Amazon S3, HiCloud S3, Alibaba OSS cloud, and S3 compatible services. This yet another way that XCubeNAS helps you to keep your data easy to be managed between Clouds and local devices.



High-speed Network Technology

Fibre Channel Introduction

Fibre Channel (FC) is a high-speed network technology providing lossless delivery of raw block data, at a rate of 16Gb/s. It typically runs on optical fiber cables within and between servers, switches, and storage servers, but can also run on copper cabling.


Multiple Application

Enhance the Business from Fibre Channel