All Flash For Everyone!


26-bay AFA Dual-Active Controllers - 12Gb SAS 3.0 - Onboard High Speed 10GbE LAN Ports

Lock Down Your Data. Here's the Key.

JetStor SAS 816F - 16Gb/s FC 16BAY - 10TB HDD SUPPORT - 160TB IN 3U!

Encryption at Rest Support ISE, TCG, SED, SSD with Block Erase & Password Protect

Compute + Storage. 1 Scalable Layer.

Affordable Hyper Converged Appliances - 2-64 nodes, 1U/2U

All Flash | Hybrid | Disk - Scale-Up and Scale-Out, Unified Storage, Server-Side Cache, Dedupe


From the Blog:

Let’s look further into trending storage technologies. Of course, a sea change has been the adoption of solid-state drives (SSDs). First generation SSDs improved performance and lowered power consumption over their mechanical counterparts, but were costly and limited in capacity. Advances improved their storage and reduced their cost, and the next generation of SSDs, 3D NAND drives, will further boost capacity, performance, and affordability.


AC&NC JetStor Storage Solutions

AC&NC™ meets the evolving needs for data storage, protection, and management. We leverage leading technologies to offer high-value solutions for NAS, SANs, clouds, and hyper-converged infrastructures (HCIs).  Since 1994, our customers have spanned virtually every industry, and range from Fortune 500 enterprises to small- and medium-sized firms.  We support environments from data centers and clouds to branch offices and remote sites.

AC&NC has prospered for decades thanks to our experienced management team and a business model focused on providing every customer with highly competitive solutions, services, and support.  We align AC&NC’s priorities with yours to ensure your systems remain effective throughout their lifecycles.