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Cleveland State University Campus

ACNC / StorTrends Helps Move CSU to the Head of the Class

This past summer, Cleveland State University officially opened its Center for Innovation in Medical Professions, a $47.5 million state-of-the-art facility designed to foster a new era of interprofessional healthcare education. The 100,000-square-foot structure serves programs from the CSU School of Health Sciences and the CSU School of Nursing in addition to the NEOMED-CSU Partnership for Urban Health, an innovative collaboration that establishes the first public medical school presence in the city of Cleveland and offers a program that prepares physicians to practice in urban settings. The building includes simulation labs, occupational therapy and physical therapy training rooms, the CSU Speech and Hearing Clinic and CSU’s Health and Wellness Clinic that serves students and the campus community.

Teaching & Learning Health Care with Technology

Using a cutting-edge real-time communication technology called B-Line, CSU Center for Innovation in Medical Professions is changing the way instructors teach and how medical students learn. Faculty can give lectures that are captured in video format and students can review them, students can perform medical tasks such as, CPR and medical simulations on an intelligent mannequin that records the student’s actions, as well as video footage from various angles, is captured from cameras in the room for instructors to provide feedback.

When CSU Manager of Technical Service Larry Warf was tasked to put together the necessary infrastructure to support the technology to be used in the new Center for Innovation in Medical Professions, he knew it would be difficult to find the right solution. “The challenge that we faced was finding a unit capable of storing 20 TBs of video and yet cost-effective.” Warf and the department reviewed many vendors to find the best solution for the job. After fielding all the quotes from the incumbent and several other vendors, it became apparent that AMI StorTrends was the best and only unit that could provide the desired features and maintain cost-effectiveness. “We needed a right-sized standalone system, particularly for this project. The product showed up as quick as a flash and everything worked out of the box and it is doing the job,” said Enterprise Systems Administrator Bill Brock.

StorTrends Makes the Grade

CSU’s medical school is a groundbreaking effort and a significant investment has been made. While many satisfied StorTrends customers have inadequate or underperforming systems in place and StorTrends is implemented to get things back on track, CSU was involved in an unchartered venture and needed to make the right choice right out of the gate. Fortunately, CSU and Warf made the right choice and have been delighted with the product. Regarding the StorTrends experience, Warf had this to say, “The features and functionality that this box brought to the table at this price point is on par with boxes that cost twice as much. The ease of setup is golden, the GUI is clear, the iSCSI setup works very well in addition. Everything went well from start to finish. The reliability of the box is outstanding, Bill tested the box out by pushing it to its limits, he had eight network connections and we unplugged seven and it still worked fine.” AMI understands the big picture and does not stop at just providing a great product, offering stellar support is also a focus. “The support has been fantastic, the guys we contacted were just great! Support and the setup service was not expected but the amount of attention paid to us was wonderful” said Warf.

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