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SANOS 4.0 - SAN Storage Management | SAN System

Empower Enterprise SAN Functionality

SANOS 4.0 is QSAN's proprietary SAN storage management operating system, it is equipped with a refreshingly simple to use web GUI and easily deployable into any infrastructure. SANOS 4.0 delivers comprehensive storage functionality and brings the enterprise-level features to the SMB and Enterprise businesses with high performance, high availability, and unparalleled scalability.



Build Up a Solid, Reliable, High Available SAN System

SANOS 4.0 by QSAN is constructed by data service engine, management service, and system resource manager. SANOS 4.0 maintains the JetStor FX, iX and JX series with a dual active controller by HAC (High Availability Control) to integrate the communication of two controllers. SANOS 4.0 also plays a very important bridge between system front-end (host side) and back-end (SAN system infrastructures and disk drives).

Deployment with Intuitive & Simple Operation

SANOS 4.0 by QSAN provides the intuitive and simple operating system GUI, which makes it easy to deploy all of your SAN systems. You can plan local DR (Disaster Recovery) by using snapshot/clone or use remote replication or MPIO data transition to back up your valuable data in different buildings or branch offices.



Comprehensive, Intact, & Economical Data Protection

The most efficient and economical data protection method for enterprise and SMBs is the RAID technology. SANOS 4.0  by QSAN provides complete RAID levels, RAID group across the enclosure, and intelligent disk roaming. With a SAN storage management system, you will have the highest flexibility to choose the appropriate RAID settings to best suit the application requirements.

Superior In-house Developed Storage Technology

AC&NC's in-house developed RAID stack technology has a proven track record of being deployed in enterprise environments for over ten years and is highly trusted by both SMB and enterprise customers globally. The advanced LVM (Logical Volume Manager) builds a solid foundation of disk virtualization to provide complete RAID level protection, enhanced performance, and many other enterprise-level storage features built on top.

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Comprehensive Enterprise Storage Features

SANOS 4.0 by QSAN brings you to a totally different experience of SAN operating system. SANOS 4.0 boots up your JetStor FX, iX, and JX with an ultimate high performance by adopting ingenious SSD cache and auto tiering; smart and efficient storage space management by thin provisioning; and undefeatable data protection by snapshot, local volume clone, and remote replication.

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Security - Undefeatable Data Protection, Unbelievable Solid Construction

Data security and data integrity are one of the most important subjects for enterprises and SMBs. SANOS 4.0 by QSAN provides the most comprehensive features to guarantee your data security and protect your businesses from data theft, unauthorized disclosure, malicious network attack, and accidental corruption.

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Data Backup - Watertight Protections, Diversified Selections

SANOS 4.0 by QSAN provides complete array-based backup functions including local backup and remote replication. They can build up a solid safety net for disaster recovery and meet enterprise RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) requirement.

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Virtualization Integration - Virtual Technology Onboard, Actual Flexibility for All

SANOS 4.0 by QSAN is certified by the latest VMware vSphere with VAAI support, Windows Server 2012 R2 with Windows ODX support and the latest Citrix XenServer. All these features make the JetStor FX, iX and JX series an ideal primary storage system for virtualized data centers and run even more VMs with a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

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