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Virtual Tape Library Storage Director - Storage Director

Any solution that is worth investing in must be able to deliver returns on that investment (ROI). Storage Director achieves this from the moment it is installed by delivering such benefits as:

  •     Increasing operational up-time
  •     Reducing or repurposing existing hardware
  •     Cutting down on the number of required tape volumes
  •     Simplifying operations
  •     Decreasing backup failures
  •     Delivering cost efficient growth

Each of these items decrease your costs whether those be capital or operational and give you the return on investment you need.

Increasing Operational Up-Time

When performing backups it is generally considered best practice to idle the system or at least minimize the amount of work the system is doing. Unfortunately, every minute the machine is non-operational means lost productivity and potentially lost profits. Storage Director accelerates backups by allowing you to backup multiple systems simultaneously and offering more tape resources to each system to get jobs done quicker. In some cases this can halve the amount of time backups take giving you increased operational up-time, meaning you make more money.

Reducing or Repurposing Existing Hardware

More often than not, the hardware you have today is not being fully utilized. Particularly in Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) LAN-Free or similar environments where tape drives can be allocate on a 1:1 basis to servers, utilization is particularly poor. Storage Director gives you the opportunity to reduce the amount of tape hardware you are using by buffering data in a “store-and- forward” fashion. This means that you can have fewer tape drives yet keep them running a greater percentage of time. Less hardware means less cost, and as is often the case, the hardware that is no longer being used for backing up the System I environment can be repurposed in other parts of the business, thereby eliminating the need for spend on new hardware.

Cutting Down on the Number of Required Tape Volumes

Depending on how you choose to do your backups, when using Storage Director you may be able to save considerably on the number of tape volumes that you use.
How you might ask?
With Storage Director, incremental or daily backups can be held in cache. This offers the advantages of high-speed restore without requiring the use of an actual tape volume for data that only needs to be held for short periods of time. Full backups can still be directed to physical tape to ensure the best long term, lowest cost approach to data retention. The net result, you not only get better performance but you save money too!

Simplifying Operations

Storage Director gives you a single, central point from which you can control all of your tape libraries and drives. Storage Director acts as a central point from which those same resources can be allocated to multiple servers. This gives administrators one place to focus their time and effort. By simplifying things in this way, Storage Director frees administrators to focus on other operational tasks, delivering greater productivity to the organization. In some cases, the degree to which Storage Director is able to simplify the storage management process may mean that a company needs fewer people spending their precious time on these tasks altogether.


Decreasing Backup Failures

Tape is a very low cost storage medium but it does have problems on occasion. Storage Director insulates customers from problems with tape such as bad media cartridges, robot failures, drive sharing issues, etc. This is particularly beneficial because, quite often, backups are happening over weekends. Failures mean that staff have to come in off-hours to address problems and may be picking up overtime as a result. This is an extra, unnecessary cost to the organization when Storage Director can solve these problems by providing a more robust virtual backup device to use that masks the problems of physical tape.

Delivering Cost Efficient Growth

Storage Director streamlines, optimizes and simplifies backups. It does this by offering a high-speed, centralized, virtual and physical device consolidation point that is nearly infinitely scalable. This design ensures that as your backup requirements grow you can add new storage to your environment in the most cost efficient manner ensuring that you always have more than you need. This keeps your costs tightly coupled with your needs and ensures that you never overspend.

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Backup Virtualization Brings “Storage Director” to the Infrastructure

  • Simplifies the backup environment to a single backup target while transparently allowing multiple physical storage destinations
  • Supports multiple backup applications and operating systems
  • Decouples real-time I/O from the backup application
  • Simplifies and streamlines e-vaulting, AS400, VMware virtual-to-physical DR, and enterprise storage application consolidation
  • Facilitates forward migration to new enterprise storage technologies

Storage Director - The Technology of Backup Virtualization

  • Consolidates virtual and physical devices and provides a single point of management
  • Synchronizes virtual and physical volumes with backup application’s catalog and database
  • Fine-tunes disk and tape resource provisioning
  • Provides multi-node scalability, device failover and volume accessibility
  • Brings efficient availability, access and verification to the data written to virtual and physical resources in local or remote locations

Fine-Tune Provisioning to Store More Data

  • Store an unlimited amount of data through the use of InfiniCache technology coupled with physical and virtual storage technologies
  • Enable virtual backup performance with the low cost and high density of existing physical tape resources
  • Save the amount of disk space and power required while reducing the cost of managing data over time

Lower Costs with Storage Director

  • Leverages the benefits of tape: lowest-cost medium for storing data; requires no significant power or cooling
  • Monitors all data transfers to physical volumes & provides a wealth of information to prevent the real-time pitfalls of using tape
  • Reduces the number of physical tape drives required by providing high performance virtual tape drives. Physical tape drives are needed only for the performance required to move data to tape between backup windows
  • Enables “deep tape” and lower costs
  • Offers choice of end storage destination

How Can Storage Director Help You?

  • Decreases backup window with high-performance InfiniCache
  • Provides dynamic drive allocation and sharing of physical drives among multiple operating systems and virtual application servers
  • Optimizes hardware utilization and reduces costs (Fewer drives needed)
  • Brings high performance to existing bandwidth between remote locations by decoupling real-time I/O
  • Simplifies secondary storage management through an SQL database with hundreds of points of information
  • Data on physical media is 100% verified, or data does not leave the cache state
  • Policy-based volume management allows for various types of policies to be applied to ranges of volumes (encryption, compression, virtual-only or real-backed virtual)
  • Provides automatic and transparent management of data from disk to tape or other secondary storage
  • Improves data availability and resilience
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