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FC-324E, FC-322E, FC-321E - ATTO Celerity™ 32Gb Gen 6 Fibre Channel HBAs

Industry Proven Technology

ATTO has over 30 years of experience developing and delivering reliable first to-market Fibre Channel storage connectivity solutions to customers. ATTO Celerity™ Fibre Channel connectivity solutions are consistently the highestperforming host bust adapters (HBAs) for server virtualization deployments, faster backups and scalable cloud initiatives. Offering performance to match new multi-core processors and faster PCIe 3.0 server host bus architectures, the integrated family of Celerity 32Gb Gen 6 Fibre Channel HBAs boast an extensive list of customer design wins and certifications with respected industry partners.

Flexible Connectivity

With single-, dual-, and quad-channel configurations, Celerity 32Gb Gen 6 Fibre Channel HBAs are an ideal solution for users looking to achieve the highest I/O and data throughput for advanced video and enterprise-class IT applications. Celerity 32Gb Gen 6 HBAs offer driver support for Windows®, Linux®, macOS®, illumos, VMware® and more, providing a single connectivity solution for customers with heterogeneous operating system environments.

Performance Engineered 

Celerity HBAs are designed to provide fast, redundant and highly available connectivity to Fibre Channel storage and are engineered to manage latency for real-time applications. ATTO Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) Technology provides controlled acceleration of data to deliver the most consistent performance and reliable data transfers. Specialized Fibre Channel drivers with support for multiple OS platforms and OEM-specific solutions, such as target mode and multipathing, make ATTO the premier choice for high-performance Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN) connectivity.

Advanced Managment Tools

Easy-to-use ATTO ConfigTool™ features an intuitive GUI that simplifies the installation, management and monitoring of the HBA. With advanced troubleshooting and performance tuning capabilities, Celerity HBAs provide users with sophisticated diagnostics and the flexibility to control settings for specific applications.

Full Name

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ATTO Celerity™ Fibre Channel HBAs deliver high-performance and reliable connectivity solutions for the most demanding storage environments, including physical and virtual data centers, tape streaming and backup, rich content delivery and server clustering. Celerity HBAs enable users to achieve the ultimate in I/O performance for real-time and transactional applications.

Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™)

Latency-management technology that controls the acceleration of data transfers to move large amounts of data faster and more efficiently.

User Benefits

  • Superior performance for enterprise applications
  • Increased switch port availability
  • Seamless integration into existing Fibre Channel SANs
  • Extensive certification with SAN infrastructure components
  • Support for virtualized server environments

Key Features

  • Auto Negotiation to 32Gb, 16Gb and 8Gb devices
  • Supports point-to-point and direct fabric/switch attach
  • ANSI Fibre Channel: FC-FS, FCP
  • Flash ROM for easy field upgrades
  • Fibre Channel Class 3 Support Buffer Credits: 80
  • Pluggable optical LC SFP+
  • ATTO Branded SFPs must be used
  • Initiator and target mode (OEM) support
  • Supports FDMI and WMI
  • Supports NPIV and Virtual Fabric
  • Supports Thunderbolt™ technology

Management Tools

  • ATTO ConfigTool™ and ATTO vConfigTool™ management and configuration utility

Bus Specifications

  • PCI Express 3.0 host interface
  • Supports PCI Express Base Spec 3.0
  • Supports FC-PI-6
  • Supports SFF-8431
  • Supports PCI Express CEM Spec 3.0
  • PCI Hot Plug spec 1.1

External Connectivity

  • Full height brackets for FC-324E, FC-322E, FC-321E
  • Pluggable 32Gb optical LC SFP+ modules included
  • External LEDs for boot status and visual indication of the operating state

OS Support

  • Windows®
  • Windows Server®
  • Linux®
  • illumos
  • VMware® 
  • FreeBSD 
  • macOS®

Operating Temperature

Hardware Environment

  • Temperature: 0-55° C
  • Humidity: 10 -90% non-condensing

Storage Environment

  • Temperature: -40°-70°C (-40°-157°F)
  • Humidity: 5 -95% non-condensing

Agency Approvals

  • UL, cUL, CSA: US and Canada
  • TUV: Europe
  • FCC class A: US
  • ICES: Canada
  • EMC Directives (CE Mark) Class A: Europe
  • VCCI class A: Japan
  • BSMI class A: Taiwan
  • MSIP (Formerly KCC): Korea
  • RCM: Australia


  • RoHS (meet EU and China standards)
  • TAA Compliant—Country of Origin USA


FC-321E, FC-322E

  • Length 6.595”, Height 2.709”


  • Length 6.595”, Height 4.376”

Operating Power (Typical)

  • FC-321E: 9.8W
  • FC-322E: 10.6W
  • FC-324E: 24.9W


  • Three Year standard product warranty