New JetStor SAS 660iS RAID High Density Systems

JetStor 660iS High Density


Sixty-Bay, High-Density Storage Solutions Combine Performance, Scalability & Availability to Meet Growing Data Needs

Pittsburgh, PA, July 9, 2012. AC&NC, a provider of leading RAID storage solutions, today introduced its JetStor family of SAS 660iS RAID arrays to meet burgeoning demands for reliable, high-speed data storage. The iSCSI systems merge the exceptional ease-of-use needed by smaller businesses with the versatility and ironclad data protection required by larger enterprises. Delivering up to 10 Gbit/s performance and as much as 180 terabytes of block-level storage in one 4U enclosure, the new JetStor products are mid-range solutions engineered to support such pressing applications as virtualization, backup and archival needs, and imaging and database systems. They are ideal for public, private, and hybrid cloud applications that demand robust, reliable data storage and access. 

“JetStor 660iS solutions respond to the reality that applications are generating growing amounts of data and new data streams are coming online every day,” said Gene Leyzarovich, president of AC&NC. “By supplying unprecedented flexibility, robust security, and outstanding throughput, these arrays offer enterprises from small businesses, to cloud providers and Fortune 500 companies, extremely competitive options for storing and delivering data rapidly and dependably. Storage provisioning is now as simple as plugging a cable into an available port on an Ethernet switch.”

Raising the Bar for Availability & Investment Protection

The JetStor SAS 660iS solutions support nearly all RAID levels to meet every performance and security requirement at the enterprise level. The JetStor SAS 660iS and SAS 660iSD arrays offer up to 1,600 MB/sec performance via four 1Gb/sec Ethernet host connections. The JetStor SAS 660iS 10G and SAS 660iSD 10G systems provide 10 Gigabit Ethernet Optical SFP+ ports per controller to further speed up databases, file servers, virtualized applications, imaging systems, and applications demanding instant delivery of even the largest files. All systems feature powerful Intel IOP342 64-bit Chevelon dual core storage processors on each controller for blazing I/O operations, parity-assist ASIC, an iSCSI-assist engine, a TCP Offload Engine (TOE), and completely cableless backplane-based design. The JetStor SAS 660iS and 660iS 10G chassis supply a single redundant active/active embedded RAID controller while the JetStor SAS 660iSD and 660iSD 10G systems offer dual redundant RAID controllers for even greater performance and fault-tolerance. All of the solutions are VMware certified.

The new JetStor RAID arrays ensure continuous availability with their fully cableless design, dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies with integrated turbocooling, and separate power connections. Multiple drives can be designated as hot-spares, allowing the systems to move data transparently to a spare should an error be detected. Drives are hot swappable with automatic rebuilding of data on the new drive. Capacity can be increased and drives replaced while data remains online. For maximum protection, RAID 6 with Advanced Data Sentry technology allows for continuous operations even with two simultaneous drive failures. Moreover, their browser-based RAID Manager management and monitoring software enables administrators to configure and manage the JetStor systems remotely and maintain them proactively via e-mail event notifications.

Backed by its 19-year record of outstanding support, AC&NC ensures a lifetime of non-stop JetStor service. Subject-matter experts are standing by to offer on-demand phone consultation on optimal configuration and management. JetStor systems are backed by a three-year warranty covering all components, including optional cross-shipment of replacements. 

“The JetStor 660iS models break new ground in data storage at a time when enterprises of all sizes need it most,” Leyzarovich concluded. ”They support virtualized environments as well as private and public clouds with even the most aggressive service level agreements. Their presence is an invaluable resource that will satisfy the marketplace for many years to come.”  

About AC&NC

Advanced Computer & Network Corporation designs, manufactures and markets high-performance, competitively priced RAID data storage systems. With a wide range of storage solutions for any computing platform and operating system, comprehensive free technical support, and rapid product delivery, AC&NC provides confident data protection to its clients ranging from workgroups to enterprises.

Major customers of AC&NC include the world's largest manufacturers, financial services firms, Internet companies, telecommunications and healthcare providers, educational institutions, government agencies, and the military.

AC&NC is focused on meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of its worldwide client base. 


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