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AC&NC™ meets the evolving needs for data storage, protection, and management. We leverage leading technologies to offer high-value solutions for NAS, SANs, clouds, and hyper-converged infrastructures (HCIs).  Since 1994, our customers have spanned virtually every industry, and range from Fortune 500 enterprises to small and medium-sized firms.  We support environments from data centers and clouds to branch offices and remote sites.

AC&NC has prospered for decades thanks to our experienced management team and a business model focused on providing every customer with highly competitive solutions, services, and support.  We align AC&NC’s priorities with yours to ensure your systems remain effective throughout their life cycles.


AC&NC provides individual components, custom builds solutions or delivers infrastructure as a service.  We can supply purpose-built storage appliances or entire racks and stacks, including storage, servers, switches, and software.  

We offer both cost-effective systems for applications like video surveillance, Internet of Things, and archiving, and the performance and capacity for big-data use cases like HPC, media production, medical imaging or flight simulations.  We enable small and mid-sized organizations to undertake big data projects. Whatever you require, we will always provide strong returns on investment.

Our software solutions deliver on the promise of software-defined storage.  They empower converged systems to outperform disaggregated products while offering a file system that scales out to 18 million terabytes.  You will gain advanced management and the highest levels of resiliency and data protection.  We eliminate data loss, ensuring compliance and the integrity of all data assets. 

In addition to the private sector and non-profits, AC&NC services governments at all levels.  We are a longtime GSA contractor meeting agency and department needs. We build storage appliances for Homeland Security data collection devices and our JetStor® FC storage platforms support Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs) for classified sites. Moreover, we are a COSTARS provider.


Our JetStor storage platforms integrate the fastest connectivity, architectures, and processors with proven durability, plug’n play ease, and functionality like deduplication and tiering.  JetStor RAID arrays offer a selection of SAN (Fibre channel or iSCSI) or NAS connectivity with multiple host ports for parallel-path performance or clustered environments.  We provide all-flash arrays for maximum I/O applications, SAS and SATA systems for economical storage, and hybrid systems. Whether for file, block, or unified storage, JetStor solutions are engineered for scalability and uncompromising performance.

We complement JetStor products with a portfolio of JBODs, high-density servers, switches, and HBAs, enabling our customers to obtain complete, integrated solutions from a trusted vendor.


We deliver solutions in 24–48 hours tailored to your application requirements, including mean time between failure (MTTF), mean time to repair (MTTR), quality of service (QoS), and high availability (HA) specifications.  JetStor engineers pre-certify the industry’s best-of-class SSD, SAS, and SATA drives to deliver outstanding reliability.

To help customers meet their business and IT objectives, AC&NC offers a variety of storage consulting services, database optimization, storage architecture services, disaster recovery services, and data archiving. 

Please contact our pre-sales support department at (800) 213-2667 to discuss pricing. 


AC&NC leads the industry in personalized support.  Your phone calls are answered by a support agent for the fastest direct service and our support technicians are available 24/7 for immediate phone support.  

We offer support-as-a-service by remotely monitoring and configuring your solutions. We can meet with you online and should you require extensive or urgent assistance, our support staff can travel to your site.

AC&NC backs its solutions with industry-leading 3–5 year warranties.  Our optional advanced replacement program ships replacement drives within 24 hours. We also offer a black hole policy on drives for classified sites.

AC&NC has strategic partners in the US, UK, and Canada that sell our solutions to their customers. We have OEM customers who private label our products under their brands.

We are ceaseless in providing our customers with every competitive advantage.


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Publishing, Imaging, Entertainment and Video Industries, Investment, Banking and Financial Industries, Government, Educational and Health Organizations