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Andromeda3 Relies on JetStor® Storage Solutions to Deliver Innovative & Secure Hybrid Clouds

Public clouds offer scalability and economy, and running enterprise applications on them can make sense. But keeping data on them, particularly sensitive customer information, is another matter thanks to corporate compliance and privacy regulations that require firms to maintain control over their data. Control can be challenging when data are kept in public clouds rather than the dedicated networks of private clouds.

Cloud provider Andomeda3, based in Ashburn, Virginia, offers NovusCloud, an innovative hybrid cloud solution that integrates the best attributes of public and private clouds. Architected from the data layer up, NovusCloud allows businesses to keep their applications on public clouds and their high-value data in Andomeda3’s private cloud where they have greater control and security. Customers can also store data from their own data centers on Andomeda3’s private cloud for further protection and then replicate the data to Andomeda3’s facilities for disaster recovery (DR).

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