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Film Studio Uses RAIDIX to Protect Digital Content

Storing and accessing large files, such as medical images that can be a hundred gigabytes in size, can be challenging. One industry, however, Media and Entertainment, works with files that are truly gargantuan. When the resolution of digital content is 2K or 4K, over four times the resolution of standard high definition, a feature film can be up to two terabytes in size. 

Working with files this large is formidable. A case in point is Sharp Image, a premium, full-service, animation and visual effects production studio located in Karachi, Pakistan. Since 1994, the award-winning firm has worked on feature films, animations, commercials, and other digital content for such clients as Colgate Palmolive, the Pepsi Cola Company, and Unilever. Poised to become a global player in its industry, the studio delivers world-class post-production services often on enormous 2k and 4k digital files.

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