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5600 K Productions Turns to JetStor® to Help Meet Clients’ Every Film & Video Need

If you need to produce some advertising, a corporate film, television content, a documentary, or even a feature film, turn to 5600 K production / MH5, a leading provider of film and video services.

To support its growth, 5600 K built a second production studio in Quebec province, this one more spacious at over 5,000 square feet. The firm was producing a large film project in the studio and needed to enable eight editors and two 3D animators to concurrently access and work with high-resolution footage. They had to store terabytes of data not weekly, but daily.

Thanks to its JetStor 816FX FC solution, 5600 K gained high-end storage services to support its new studio. “We will never compromise on quality, which why our JetStor storage solution was our best option,” said Saulnier. “The fact that it was cost-effective was an added bonus. The partnership between AC&NC and APY enabled us to meet our clients’ most demanding shoots and their tightest deadlines. We’re more than satisfied.”.


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