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Remote Replication (QReplica 2.0) with JetStor X Series

Remote replication is a block-level, asynchronous, differential remote volume backup function through LAN or WAN. QReplica 2.0 has many powerful capabilities including unlimited bandwidth, traffic shaping, and multiple connections per replication task. It’s the most cost-effective and efficient way to perform remote data backup. All JetStor X series storage systems running SANOS 4.0 by QSAN or above can replicate to each other using QReplica 2.0 completely free of charge.


Traffic Shaping in QReplica 2.0

QReplica 2.0 uses the iSCSI function to set up a replication connection. It can use the full bandwidth of the assigned network port to allow optimum backup speed. However, in order to balance replication traffic and non-replication traffic, the traffic shaping function can help to reserve necessary bandwidth for non-replication I/O.



Multiple Connections per Remote Replication Task

If the replication task requires more bandwidth, QReplica 2.0 allows multiple connections per task by intelligently balancing the backup task across multiple connections to enhance the bandwidth.



Clone to Replication

Both manual and scheduled replication tasks are supported for flexible management. To handle huge remote replication (for example 60TB) tasks, QReplica 2.0 allows transforming a local clone task into a remote replication task. You can perform the local volume clone first for the full copy. Then use disk roaming function to physically transport the disk drives that contain the cloned volume to the remote site. Lastly, use QReplica 2.0 to transform a local clone task to a remote replication one.



Remote Replication Topologies

The JetStor X series can support multiple topologies to suit various disaster recovery configurations. They are one-directional, bi-directional, one-to-many, and many-to-one. Both the source volume and target volume in a replication connection is exclusive to the pair. Each SAN storage system in the JetStor X series can support up to 32 replication tasks concurrently. Below are the supported topologies.