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Suppose you run a media production company that generates large multimedia data files. Your data trove grows daily, demanding very scalable storage. What are your options? A storage area network (SAN)­ is one, but you don’t want the costs and complexities of building and owning a SAN. Moreover, you don’t need hundreds of users to access the files. Network attached storage (NAS) offers greater economy and relative simplicity, but traditionally, NAS hasn’t been associated with scalability. A new generation of solutions has emerged, however, that gives NAS the scalability it’s always been missing.

Called scale-out NAS, this architecture uses management software to federate storage systems into a unified storage pool. In other words, multiple devices can be consolidated into a single, distributed storage system. Files are easily accessed regardless of their physical location and storage can be increased by adding more drives or even entire arrays. Connecting nodes is generally non-disruptive and the addition of more CPUs and RAM increases performance.

Scale Out JetStor NAS RDX16

AC&NC JetStor Storage Solutions

For over 20 years, AC&NC has provided custom-built, enterprise-class storage solutions. AC&NC product categories include: High Density Storage, NAS, iSCSI IP SAN, FC SAN, AFA, Hybrid Flash, Storage Server, JBOD, Storage Software, SAN Management and Disaster Recovery Software. The AC&NC JetStor name is synonymous with quality, performance and unparalleled customer support.

AC&NC customers range from Fortune 500 to small and medium sized businesses, government, non-profit and educational institutions.  AC&NC designs and manufactures all of their enterprise storage products in house to ensure the highest quality product. Customers turn to AC&NC for their high-performance storage needs because they know that every JetStor solution is custom designed to fit their requirements and every JetStor system is backed by an industry-leading warranty. 


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