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Foremost, of course, is the inexorable adoption of SSDs by both the consumer and enterprise markets. The drivers are well reported. Superior I/O performance, decreasing cost per gigabyte, and lower energy consumption, which help offset the capital costs of flash-based drives.

Additionally, the capacity of SSDs continues to grow. 2TB SSDs are increasingly popular and 15TB SSD drives just been announced. This year, expect 512GB USB drives that fit in your pocket. There’s no reason why SSDs can’t eventually become more capacious than HDDS. As flash technologies improve, it’s only a matter of time before their prices drop quicker than HDDs.

In the more immediate future, all-flash arrays will continue to proliferate, replacing HDD arrays particularly for mission critical applications. As their per gigabyte costs come down, they will increasingly be used for other applications. SSDs will eventually replace HDDs as certainly as CDs and DVDs replaced audio and video cassettes.

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