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As the capacity of HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) continues to expand, the response speed of this traditional storage technology hasn't kept up with the times.  In recent years, random input/output (I/O) technology has only experienced marginal advancement in the HDD realm, causing this old school storage solution to really weigh down computing systems when data needs to be recalled quickly.

For businesses using major applications like enterprise web with database, cloud and virtualization, slow speeds just don’t cut it.  HDDs may have superior capacity, but they simply can’t handle the job alone.  So as the demands of the virtual world keep growing, where can you turn to get your traditional storage devices some much needed help?

AC&NC JetStor Storage Solutions

For over 20 years, AC&NC has provided custom-built, enterprise-class storage solutions. AC&NC product categories include:  high density storage, NAS storage, JetStor RAID, ICSI IP SAN, FC  SAN, Flash Hybrid storage, JBOD SAS systems , virtual tape library, SAN management software and disaster recovery software. The AC&NC Jetstor name is synonymous with quality, performance and unparalleled customer support.

AC&NC customers range from Fortune 500 to small and medium sized businesses, governments, non-profit and educational institutions.  AC&NC designs and manufactures all of their enterprise storage products in house to ensure the highest quality product. Customers turn to AC&NC for their high-performance storage needs because they know that every Jetstor solution is custom designed to fit their requirements and every JetStor system is backed by an industry-leading warranty. 



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